Best dating ideas for men

Why not make a date out all of his favorite sport activities.Many of these dates have printables, invites, and fabulous ideas that will help you make his dream date come true!And trust me guys; if she’s happy, you’ll be happy.Now I know romantic walks and sunsets are probably one step beneath having a needle poked in your eye.If they don't, they do the human male equivalent of dogs tearing up couch cushions, which is complaining about politics and writing horrible things in the comments section of Internet stories. This might sound like a bad idea, because if your guy is anything like me, he hates the public pool. It's teeming with loud, splashing, hormone-soaked teenagers. The pace of baseball lends itself to the natural ebb and flow of hanging out with your guy; you can talk or you can watch the game—no matter what, you're sharing the experience of a lovely day becoming a nice night.That is, unless your husband is the kind of fan who gets invested in games involving a team that is a huge disappointment to the city, the fan base, and the entire concept of baseball (dammit, Phillies). When was the last time you sent all the children in your house away for an evening? You might have to call in favors from neighborhood parents or family members. You don't have to decide who is drinking and who is driving, you don't have to dress up, you don't have to deal with crowds.The best part about organic grub: You don't have to be Mario Batali to whip up a decent spread, thanks to the tastiness of fresh local produce and meat.

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When taking it to the next level, there is no better way of getting to know her than just being yourself. Laughing and letting loose with one another is such an integral part of every relationship, and that doesn’t cost a thing.

Even if we know the difference between a profiterole and pâté (not guaranteed), we work up a sweat trying to be "on" when really what we want is some time off, with you.

That's what these date ideas have in common: They're relaxing and romantic in a way a 43-page wine list will never be. Fair warning—your guy is not going to seem into this when you suggest it. The teenagers go home for dinner because teens are hungry and dependent on their parents for food, and babies are tired by 6 p.m. So the pool is empty, the light is a little lower so your guy won't be as self-conscious about stripping down, and (since it's date night) you left your kids with the neighbors.

Given that, a picnic in the park isn't going to fire us up—unless it's a ballpark and we're washing down bratwurst with Old Style in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.

The following dates will capture his attention—and his heart.

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