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,000, ,000, ,000 Bad Credit Loan for Debt Consolidation — Below is a loan pre-application submitted by a FUSA user and the applicant was approved for his loan in 3 days time.

Those without them, it would seem, are being left behind - but that isn\'t entirely true. One minute you have your first credit card in your wallet - the one they weren\'t going to give you until your parents signed the paper too - and the next thing you know, you have a card for every store you\'ve ever been to (plus three you\'ve never heard of).

You have multiple options for debt consolidation: Each option has advantages, disadvantages and challenges.

Here’s a closer look: If you’re struggling with debt, you may have already been approached by companies that promise they will help you wipe out your debt. Such companies may charge you hefty fees for consolidating your debt, and it’s possible to wind up even further in debt if you don’t fully understand the company’s fees and conditions.

Credit counseling through a reputable non-profit agency is almost always a better alternative.

Credit counselors work to help you negotiate with your creditors and formulate a debt management plan (or DMP) to help you pay off your existing debts.

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