Dating us military helmets

We have written helmet history and continue to do so.We are proud of our first motor cycle helmet, which already in the 1950s considerably improved the safety of motor cyclists.Lightweight Helmet (LWH) was developed for the US Marines to replace the PASGT.Looks very similar to the PASGT, but has a four-point chinstrap built-in and is about 6 ounces lighter.Since 2000, we also equip several Formula 1 drivers with the most modern head protection technology.

Development of 6B6 took place in 90s and it was accepted by the MOD in 2000 for general use.Standard with a pad suspension and four-point chinstrap. The GI helmet pads by Team Wendy are still issued, making the helmets almost unwearable so troops take them off or loosen the chin straps trying to get relief…ruining their protection.Personal Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) helmet (also called the K-Pot) is made of and has been in use since 1983."Green outer steel shell with inner lined with composite material and a green cloth band wraps up around the outer covering the steel/compo join. Its developer was NII Stali who also made the Altyn and K6-3 helmets.Black nylon-type webbing liner with large circular perforated crown pad and black leather sweatband. Unlike the 6B7 (an all-composite helmet), the 6B6 has a combination of titanium and composite material.

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