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What INFJs Want In Relationships Is the perfect soulmate too much to ask for? One of the struggles of being an INFJ is that of being a true idealist and a perfectionist.

While we are very warm, affirming people by nature – we also tend to be over-achievers in relationships.

ESFJs are generous and outgoing, giving without any thought of return.

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There are pluses and minuses to any relationship, and people within a type can vary so much based on upbringing and environment.They have an amazing skill to make others feel good about themselves and, in turn, this wins the “caregiver” approval and affection from others, as well as the satisfaction of seeing people happy.Emotionally, this persona feeds off of how well they do their job, with the primary goal being to ensure that the people they care for are happy and thriving.They absorb external information and then process it internally.The “caregiver” is a genuinely warm and approachable personality that people just love to be around – family, friends, and strangers alike!

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