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Hey KP hehe." Ron says as he notices the expression Kim is giving him. Kim raises an eyebrow and smiles at him."Riigghhtt... Maybe we should talk about this so you fully understand the situation." Kim says. Kim begins to notice Ron's hand shake, realizing that he is a bit out of it right now."AAAAHHHHHH! sorry I didn't see you coming." Kim responds."Girl? After a new hair cut suggested by Kim, Ron changed virtually his entire lifestyle to extend its popularity, but overlooked the fact that his new wardrobe did not contain a pocket for Rufus to safely rest in.Ron later tried to legitimize a junk food diet by eating nothing but Bueno Nacho meals, which quickly worsened his already bad eating habits and, in combination with falling into Henchco's Project Titan vat, ultimately turned him into a rampaging behemoth.Notable examples included twisting Kim's words in an interview to make it seem like she had a crush on quarterback Brick Flagg These instances became less common over time.Ron's obsessions occasionally put himself and those around him at serious risk.These areas were usually related to areas that he didn't find important, or where he knew that the results would be satisfactory without him doing anything, such as making his partner do all of the work on a shared project Ron has repeatedly shown a tendency to become obsessed with various ideas and/or concepts, especially if they were either connected to what he saw as a personal flaw in himself, or if they somehow corrected the aforementioned flaw in his eyes.

The series began airing on Disney XD on February 3, 2014 and aired season 4 episodes in production order in the morning, then randomly airing season 2 and 3 episodes in the afternoon. " Kim nods her head, then notices Ron taking off his jacket and putting it around her. Anne and James watch as they share a kiss as a couple. I know Ron well enough to know that he isn't like all of the other evil boys in the world. Anne playfully elbows him before they begin watching them again. Ron notices Kim chattering her teeth, realizing that she is cold."You cold, KP? Both of them start to relax and sigh at the same time once again. I'll let him go with this kiss..time." James says with a smile. It's a date." Kim says as she noticed Ron getting excited."Hehe I love hearing that word." Ron says to her as he bounces up and down. They both wave to eachother as Ron walks down to his motorcycle. Her mom and dad stood there with the biggest smiles on their faces."Ok Kimmie? His antics are often those of a comedian, providing distractions to villains, but he also served as an anchor to Kim's competitive and image-conscious personality.Due to Ron's erratic nature he has displayed serious contradictions and/or inconsistencies in terms of personality and capability. However, there are many areas and times where he refused to put in the work necessary or would put in only the bare minimum of effort required for success.

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