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Dating sites are now steering you toward people who have similar tastes in movies, music, religion and education, " Bartz said.

"And people are spending more time on their phones and the dating sites know this.

I feel very hurt by this discovery and disgusted by the thought of what he’s looking at.

I told him this and he doesn’t see it as a big deal. This is a very important question and one that many couples struggle with.

With the recent release of the movie, 50 Shade of Grey, we as a culture have again revisited important issues about sexual matters that often don’t get talked about or clarified to the extent that we learn lessons that will actually improve our relationships.

So, I am going to use this opportunity to talk about how pornography affects the emotional intimacy in romantic relationships.

When I first joined Catholic Match, I admit I still thought it was for “desperate” people.

And the idea of meeting someone online seemed so “unromantic.” But a friend of mine insisted it was just like meeting people at a party, and that I could use the site to meet local people whom I hadn’t yet managed to meet at church or the local young adult group.

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He was concerned with the fact that we are only “virtually” meeting people online, which should never take the place of encountering someone in person.

Realistically, there are too many people on the site to actually interact with any but a minority of them in one’s limited time.

2) Most people specifically sign up because they want to find a spouse, whereas one doesn’t normally go to parties to meet potential spouses.

He pointed out that it’s much easier to view other people as “objects” instead of “persons” when encountering them online.

Before you start fiercely objecting that you never objectify people, let me explain.

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