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This room shows neat stonework, large holes for second story floorbeams (some with wood still in them), and aligned doorways into adjacent rooms.The small dark doorway leads into a room with an intact ceiling/floor.It is D-shaped with its back wall towards the cliff and tiers of rooms fscing a large plaza with two great kivas.In Chacoan culture ruins, such as Pueblo Bonito, there are both small, or family, kivas, and great kivas.

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We discover the pit house dwellings and the fields of the first true village farmers, who drew from their ancestral roots and borrowed from other cultures to forge the foundation for the rise of the Puebloans.

Prominently displayed on Waugh Drive, Pueblo Bonito consists of Cor-Ten steel, which has been allowed to weather in the open air. Mosher Steel is listed as the foundry where it was made. He studied sculpture at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris and has produced sculptures that are on display across the United States and internationally.

It was donated to the City of Houston by the Robert W. In Houston, his displays include Troika on the University of Houston campus, as well as Pueblo Bonito.

We hear the stories of the outside raiders, who came from the Colorado mountains and the eastern plains to raid Puebloan, Athabaskan and Euroamerican peoples.

The Chronology The Native Americans of the desert marched through time in ragged columns, with cultures evolving, vanishing or melting together at different rates at different times at different places. For additional information, contact: Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument Route 11 Box 100 Silver City, New Mexico 88061 Phone 1-505-536-9461 or 1-505-536-9344 Web Site The 13th to 15th century Casa Malpais, located at Springerville, Arizona, and built of volcanic stone, overlooks the Little Colorado River Valley.

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