Teachers friends professional dating

Be supportive, suggest resources, and be clear with the student about any school policies that make it necessary for you to alert the administration, public safety, or health services about the assault. Educate yourself on school policy and what your job requires in terms of mandatory reporting.Believe and listen (with empathy and without judgment) to students who come to you with experiences of sexual violence.

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An ongoing legal case resulting in a dean’s resignation from Stanford University raises questions about what policies or best practices govern employee romance.

Help direct them to appropriate school and community resources.

Be clear and upfront with students about your role as a mandatory reporter.

Adults coo about puppy love, or shrug at the infatuations of teenagers. Flip through a mag: See 17-year-old Kardashian sib Kylie Jenner pairing up with 25-year-old rapper Tyga. Or, turn on the radio: Hear Justin Bieber crooning to his “prize possession.” Add in 24/7 access to hand-held technology, including apps that geo-track a sweetheart’s every move, and it is no wonder that nearly 20,000 13- to 17-year-olds reached out to the hotline last year.

Often, from our perspective, these hot and heavy love affairs are like fireworks. At best, we’re talking about students distracted from learning.

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