Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 From: Randall Prince ([email protected]) Can a #497 autostar be used with an ETX 80 instead of the #494 autostar ??? Even Meade reprograms 495's into 497's (the internal paper labels reveal the history).All 497's with current firmware can operate -any- Autostar-capable scope: they have 25 different models pre-programmed internally.Astro-Physics GTO Star GPS-NX uses the Meade LX200 Command Set to send GPS data to the GTO.Note: For the most efficient use of Star GPS with your Astro-Physics GTO system, we recommend that you change the way you have your keypad set up.There is no difference in the firmware running a DS-70, ETX90, LXD55/75 or LX90.You may only be shown 8 or a dozen models in the Setup/Telescope/Telescope Model list, but that's because it has already asked the motors "what are you? If you look at the list of telescope models suitable for the 497 on Meade's support page ( they're all there (the only exceptions are the 4.25" GEM Newtonian model 4504 and 114EQ/DH-4).

updating a meade 497 controller instructions-49

As soon as i plug it into the Computer Control board with the batteries and the two motors I get the following:c07 Meade 43EA U T O S T A RPress 0 to Alignor MODE for Menu So i press MODEImmediately i get Motor Unit Fault and then a long series of messages about why i may be getting the fault."Autostar has detected a motor failure.Meade's advertising claimed that the 497 had a full megabyte, and the 495 had only a half-megabyte, but every 495 anyone has investigated has had the full one megabyte, and Meade's Autostar Updater program is happy to load any 495 with 497 firmware.The principal differences between the 494 and the 497 are that the 497 has a full numeric keypad, and that the 494 has onoly 1/2 megabyte of memory. It has a different display module (only 14 pins on the connector, instead of 24) and lacks one chip (the 74vc244) which the older display module required.Those solder pads can oxidize over time, and cleaning them can help restore poor keypad sensitivity.Subject: 494 vs 497 autostar for an etx 80 - yes or no??? Thanks, Randall Mike here: I guess I should update the "Auto Star Models" article (this page) on the Helpful Information: Auto Star Info page, which only links to the Meade page with the answer. And: Subject: Autostar Models and Telescope Models Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 From: Dick Seymour ([email protected]) #497: I've received 497's with both the "ETX Autostar" and just the plain "Autostar" label on them...

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